Playa del Carmen

    The fullness of the variety
    That is a day in Playa del Carmen
    It’s just to make a choice what you really want to do


    Playa’s beaches are nice. Along 5th, in the tourist zone the beaches are all clean white sand. There is some coral. Within a short walk to almost any point on the Playa main beach is a bar/restaurant. All the beaches in Playa are open to the public.

    The nature it with you since the down, greeting the day with yoga or tai chi practice, or a simple walk on the fascinating beaches of the Caribbean sea. If you are a lover of the bicycle there are cyclopist leading you for long trails through the jungle
    If you want to do snorkel it’s only a matter of lying on the sea and there the underwater world opens to you, if you want to get deeper the diving options are temptation.

    If you love good music taste you just have to lie on the comfortable chairs in one of the captivating Beach Club, where you will be perfectly served: experiment moments of total relaxation and entertainment with shows that will make your day a unique experience.

    Visit cenotes and parks are an alternative for those who want to study the local flora.

    And don‘t forget the famous: 5 Avenue (la Quinta Avenida) is commonly referred to as, “Playa del Carmen’s Pedestrian Walkway”. It is the main street that runs parallel to the ocean. It’s around 100 meters from the water. It is the place for your mind. You will find numerous international and Mexican stores selling items as well as several restaurants choice like the best Mexican, Italian, American food and more. There are clothing stores selling the latest trends from Europe as well as Cuban Cigar and Rum stores.
    And for those who also think of others, there is the option of offering a small gift playense the 5th avenue, many professionals are available to regenerate with new energy.
    There are also lots of elegant bars along 5th making it a good place to enjoy yourself.
    It is a vibrant atmosphere reminiscent of a carnival.
    Intersecting with 5th are streets that all lead to the beach. Along many of these streets are dive-shops, convenience stores, tour operators, Internet cafes, currency exchanges, and restaurants.

    Night Life

    Every evening people dress up and prepare them self to make the hardest decision: choose a place for the night!!!

    Until midnight everyone is hanging around along “Quinta Avenida”, browsing, dining and drinking at the many establishments on the street.
    Clubs and bars are often alive with all types of music; mariachi band, live Cuban music, reggae, hip hop, lounge, rock n roll, and blues.

    Playa has something for everyone

    The younger party generation hits the clubs and bars closer to midnight or even 1.00 am. beachfront discos with nostalgic 70´s and 80´s music where you can feel the soft sand on your feet and after that many clubs goes on into the wee hours opening until 4.00 am or later; the most famous club like “ La Santanera” propose every weekend the most famous and trendy djs.

    The energy of Playa at night and her eclectic atmosphere bewitches everyone… then with so much fun to choose will be or not the hardest decision of your holidays?

    Playa Del Carmen is a veritable hub for parties and nightlife after the sun has gone down the breezy tropical weather.

    Some important tips:


    Playa del Carmen, In pre-Hispanic times was called Xaman Ha ( Mayan language : Xaman Ha ‘ , ‘ North Water ‘ ) and was a starting point for the Maya in their pilgrimage to the shrine of Ixchel in Cozumel. The first modern settlement dates from the early twentieth century when there was a fishing community, producers of coconut tree and started chewing. During the sixteenth century the Spaniards invaded and conquered most Maya sites. However, unlike many others, Playa del Carmen never became Spanish settlement. Until the mid- eighties, Playa del Carmen was a small provincial town with less than 1500 inhabitants, although in the last two decades, it has dramatically changed with the growth of tourism.


    The official currency is the Mexican peso. In Playa del Carmen payments are accepted in U.S. dollars and Euro. Although Mexican currency exchanges are always willing to exchange money.VAT is 16% and a local tax is 3%. On banks and ATMs usually have a significant number of them in Playa del Carmen. The banking offices are generally open from 8.30 to 16.00 Monday to Friday. Most have ATMs. MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards are accepted in many establishments. Instead, in some restaurants and small shops payment is usually made in cash. About tipping in Mexico it is customary to leave a tip as a thank you to waiters, valets parking, fuel dispensers, buttons and other service providers. In restaurants, bars and cafes are generally left 10% of the total bill; if the service was very good, you can leave up to 15 %. Some restaurants and bars include the tip in the final count.


    All foreigners need a valid passport to enter the country either by land, sea or air. The maximum stay in Mexico as a tourist is less than 180 days. Citizens of some countries need a visa and how the rules change, it is advisable to confirm the embassies or consulates of Mexican origin or with your travel agent. Tourists are required to fill out a form called Immigration Form Tourist ( FTM ) where the time limit indicated residence in the country and can be obtained at airports and consulates and present need to leave the country. You also need to fill out a customs declaration form.
    More information: Ministry of the Interior:

    Telephone, Internet and WI – FI

    In the city and tourist areas, it’s easy to find booths to make international calls. Most accept phone cards, which can be purchased in several stores with distinctive Ladatel . The area code for Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya is 984. For international calls you must dial before the country code (ex, from EU 00 + 52 ) + area code (984 ) . In Playa del Carmen you will find in the main pedestrian street” La Quinta Avenida ” free internet / Wi -Fi . You can also find Cyber cafes with free wireless Internet in restaurants, hotels and shopping malls among others.